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Title: Sr. Linux Systems Administrator
Job Status: Permanent staff
Location: Redwood City (San Francisco Bay Area), CA
Company: DreamWorks Animation
SAGE Level: IV (Senior)


  Engineering the support and
        maintenance of large numbers of Red Hat Linux servers and
        workstations, including the design and development of scripts
        and tools to assist with that maintenance.   

        and/or consolidation of services between different business
        units and technologies, including the design and development
        of whatever integration tools are needed.   

  Design and
        support high-performance of network topologies in local,
        metropolitan, and wide areas.   

  Design, integration, and
        maintenance of network services such as internal web services,
        electronic mail, LDAP directories, and Oracle   databases.  

  Designing and developing high-performance groups of
        servers for resource-intensive network applications.   

        Designing archive and backup systems for entire animation

  Works closely with technical staff to insure
        that backup and archiving designs and procedures are
        implemented properly. 

Details: To Apply:   

  Please paste/copy resume into body of an
        email with subject of "Systems Admin" and send to
        recruiting at pdi.com. Attachments of ANY kind are automatically
        deleted by our system due to virus concerns.   

  Come Shrek
        us out at: www.dreamworksanimation.com

Special Requirements: QUALIFICATIONS:  

  Solid understanding of a
        UNIX-based operating system, including knowledge of kernel and
        network services. Familiarity with journaled file systems,
        TCP/IP, NFS, LDAP. Experience with network-attached storage
        devices such as Netapp Filers. Experience with administration
        in a heterogeneous UNIX/Linux environment is essential.
        Ability to write scripts using shell or Perl. Strong
        inter-personal and communication skills. Bachelor's degree in
        computer science or a related technical field. At least 7-10
        years of systems administration experience in a large site.
        This is a SAGE level 3/4 position.

Salary Range: Depend on Experience

Company URL: http://www.dreamworksanimation.com
Job Email: recruiting at pdi.com

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