[vox-jobs] Config for Mailman/Qmail/RH 9

Jack LaPlante vox-jobs@lists.lugod.org
Mon, 31 May 2004 14:55:53 -0700

This is a one-off job in the Davis area to help me with the initial 
config of my
new dedicated root server from 1and1.

The server runs RH9 and Qmail.  I'm having trouble getting Mailman and Qmail
set up to play nicely together for my virtual domain users, and I need a 
little assistance
setting up an ip-chain based firewall for the whole server.

This is a break-even, one man, incorporated business that is 4 years old 
and is trying
to grow.  I currently host non-profits, campaigns, personal and academic 
sites, and
small businesses on a shared hosting reseller plan and am transferring 
them to the
new dedicated server.

The pay is negotiable and could be cash or trade of 

 Jack LaPlante

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