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Sunext Technology develops controller ICs for recordable CD/DVD drives.
We have an immediate opening for a System Administrator at our
design center in Sunnyvale, CA.

General Description:
Under supervision of the IT Manager, you will maintain a network of Windows,
Linux, and Solaris workstations and servers.

 * Provide desktop Windows and UNIX support.
 * Perform hardware and software installations, upgrades, and OS patches.
 * Analyze and troubleshoot system and network performance.
 * Administer tape backup system.
 * Maintain internal and external web sites.
 * Prepare IT documentation and assist engineers in using
   hardware/software efficiently.
 * Develop scripts and other software solutions in support of
   engineering teams.

 * At least three years of hands-on experience in an engineering
   environment with Windows and UNIX desktops/servers,
   as well as networking gear (switches/routers).
 * BSCS or equivalent degree.
 * Solid communication skills and the ability to work well in a
   fast-paced, challenging environment.

Desirable Proficiencies:
   NFS, Samba, IMAP, sendmail, DNS, DHCP, HTML, Apache, SSL, SSH, VPN,
   shell/batch scripting, Perl, and FlexLM license management.

Visit our web site for more information: http://www.sunext.com/jobs.htm

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