[vox-jobs] C/C++, Perl graphic architect at NVidia

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Fri, 15 Aug 2003 15:31:54 -0700

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Title:   Graphics Architect  
Skills:  C/C++, Perl, graphics hardware or software development,
         rendering software or tools development 
Date:      8-14-2003 
Location:  Santa Clara, CA 
Job description: 


  Roles include some or all of the below:
    - Develop algorithms and design hardware extending the state of the art
      in hardware support for computer graphics. Working within a team,
      graphics architects document, design, develop functional and performance
      simulators, validate, and verify each new chip.

    - Develop tests, testplans, and testing infrastructure for new graphics
      architectures. Develop methodologies and tools for validating test
      results. Design and implement automated testing strategies. Test and
      debug CMODELs, RTL simulation and real silicon.

    - Write and run low-level graphics tests which expose architectural
      performance characteristics of competitors' graphics chips. Compare
      results with nVidia graphics chips. Find shortcomings and strong
      points of each. Work with architects to determine underlying causes.
      Publish and maintain results.

  Minimum Requirements:
    - Bachelors Degree in relevant discipline(s) (CS, EE, Math). Advanced
      degrees helpful.
    - Relevant industrial experience preferred. Relevant industries include
      PC or workstation graphics hardware or software development, digital
      video or image processing, video game software development, rendering
      software or tools development.
    - Strong programming ability: C, C++ and Perl preferred.

  Interested in talking to us? Please send your resume to hr@nvidia.com and
  refer to postion 556821 in the subject line of your email.



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