[vox-jobs] Data Mining Engineers

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Mon, 4 Aug 2003 12:46:28 -0400

Good morning everyone,
I am working to fill 3 of the following positions.  Please let me know if
you may be
interested.  These are permanent in the Sacramento Area.

Industry experience related to autonomous systems in one or more of the
areas: Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web, Control Theory, Ontology, of
Knowledge-supported applications.  Must posses MS/CS with 5 or more years
experience.  Java (not JavaScript), LIS or CYCL experience required along
one or more of the following: Protege, KIF, LOOM, Otolingua or DAML.
Machine learning or data mining experience a must.  First Order Logic
experience required.  Facility with knowledge representation, statistical
and other AI tools.  Understanding of parsing theory (Statistical,
corpus-based, etc.)
and its applications.  Knowledge of Object Oriented Methodologies for
Analysis/Design/Implementation. Relational database experience in a data
mining context.

P.S.  Pete did I get this right?

Colin Harris
Account Manager
Yoh IT
916-567-0300 x228