[vox-if] [vox] Help - Installfest info, & legal, text examples?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Fri May 8 23:05:20 PDT 2009

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 09:37:28PM -0700, Bob Scofield wrote:
> I drafted LUGOD's original release.  I'm not sure the present one is exactly 
> the same as the one I drafted.  

Hey! Now I remember! ;)  And grep'ing through our old minutes, I see the
July 26, 1999 meeting where we were going to have you write the release
form for LERT, upon which (I'm guessing) the IF release form was based.

> However, the release was not changed.  In part that was because LUGOD stopped
> using the release for its Installfests; at least for the last couple that 
> I've been to.  And I haven't seen anyone bring a desktop to an Installfest 
> for a long time.

Hrm, weird.  I wonder why (the stop using the release form).
We link to it on the IF page prominently!

> The best person to draft a release would be an attorney who
> practices personal injury law.  Such a lawyer would know what is
> important to include in a release from a legal point of view, though
> he or she might not make it as clear as I would want one, seeing as
> how lay people are the ones who sign them.

Should LUGOD look into having our's rewritten?  We certainly should
make sure people are signing some kind of form before we touch their
computers, to cover liability for LUGOD the org, as well as IF
volunteers, some of whom may not even consider themselves 'official
LUGOD members,' since membership itself is so open-ended.

I hope I'm making some kind of sense. I've had a total crap week, and
was interrupted sending this email to try and put my toddler down for
bed (yes, at frickin' 11pm).  Last I saw, he wasn't asleep, but at least
he didn't tip-tap his way out of bed after I decided to leave. *crossing


Cc'ing vox-if list as well as the IF coordinator email address.

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