[vox-if] Question

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sun Feb 17 00:52:22 PST 2008

Bob Scofield wrote:
> In preparation for sending out my announcement to the Central Greens, I have a 
> couple of questions.
> 1)  Are you guys set up to dual boot a Mac?
> 2)  Does a Mac user have much of a reason to dual boot?  I'm wondering why a 
> Mac user would be interested in Linux (other than for moral or political 
> reasons).
> Bob
> _______________________________________________

Dual boot (Even Triple Boot) can be done with a mac, for newer macs the 
OS cd is needed to get bootcamp going I think.(We don't have a copy)
If it's PPC we need to know, since it's a different install disk and it 
limits the number of Distros available.(I think it's possible to dual 
but for PPC I've always done a wipe)

Reasons to dual, people have lots of them. Why do people dual boot 
windows. For that matter why dual boot at all.
There's no one answer, some common ones:
1.There are a few apps I'm not sure I can live without.
2.In case it stops working or I get stuck.
3.Is this your main machine or a 2ndry box, 1 & 2 are more important if 
it's your main.
4.Development might be easier for some projects on linux but I like the 
feel of my mac.
5.My other won't use linux yet.
6.Macs aren't perfect either, there are some things that drive users 
nuts in the interface and aren't easy/possible to solve.
7.Like to tinker.

Personally after setting up duals, I found I only boot into the other 
maybe once per year and I want to go back and reclaim that wasted space.
But I didn't know it was going to pan out 3 years ago when I made the 

Now I suggest the following
Other options:
1. Parallels or some other virtual machine
2. Complete wipe (Older hardware, dedicated server, ready to commit)
3. Don't do it and install tons of FOSS for Mac


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