[vox-if] Re: [LUGOD] Sunday Installfest

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 15 11:24:43 PST 2007

Hey Fred,

You are probably getting rejected from vox-if, you can ignore that.

As far as time, it's up to you.  I would prefer starting between 11 AM 
and 1 PM.

Community advertising is OK.  However, if they want an install, they 
have to go through the RSVP process for my records.  Thanks.

You can call me at 818 429 3772.


Fred Ransdell wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> How about at the Muir Commons, Common House, at 2222 Muir Woods Place? There
> are lots of tables and chairs etc. 
>   BTW, could you confirm the time please?  If you don't mind, I could do a
> little community advertising, so neighbors could drop by and check out your
> organization and the installfest. We'll get friendly kibitzing as it is
> anyway.  There is WIFI access there as well. 
> --Fred
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> Hi Fred,
> Fortunately, you are the only person that has signed up for the Sunday 
> installfest (probably due to a lack of advertising on my part).  This 
> means that I have the flexibility of moving it to wherever you want. 
> You can take this as your confirmation, and also a proposal, if you 
> would like, to move it elsewhere.  Thanks.
> ~chris.

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