[vox-if] [LUGOD] installfest hardware

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 30 11:47:52 PDT 2007


I bought a $16 wireless router at Fry's that is a pain to configure. 
Once I take another stab at it, then we will have wireless and wired for 
the installfests from now on.

I also bought a $4 door wedge so we don't have to do that silly propping 
of the door any more.

If anyone on this list works anywhere at the university, please take 
their alan wrenches and try to see if you can lock/unlock the double 
doors to buildings with them - getting my wrenches and going there is 
quite out of my way (but I will probably still do it this week).

Also, I (believe) I was able to convince Alex to get on board as a 
co-coordinator of these Installfests as someone I can just fall back on 
if needed.  Thanks Alex.

We want to plan the next one 1 week AFTER Wef - mark your calendars.

Additionally, I am still brainstorming how to get a cart out to that 
installfest.  I want something small and compact that serves the needs, 
I can put in a closet, the back of a Honda Civic, and is cheap.


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