[vox-if] Re: [vox-officers] October 21st Installfest

Laine Walker-Avina lwalkera at ucdavis.edu
Tue Oct 10 15:32:24 PDT 2006

> Christopher James McKenzie wrote:
>> Alright, I have a better grasp on things.
>> I'll be there.  Sure.  I'll reserve the room. No problem...About  
>> room reservations - I have an emeritus professor, previous dean of  
>> the college, a vice provost, and two tenured professors say they'd  
>> volunteer to sponsor it in the odd case of the melinda in the  
>> office denying me the key --- which hasn't happened.
>> About fliers ... we have an old one which I think is ineffective.  
>> Mostly we get employees of the University.  You may think that I  
>> am wrong, but I have been to at least 60 installfests to back up  
>> this claim... anyway my point is the most effective advertising  
>> isssss....
>> The first four can be the same message:
>> . an ad on craigslist
>> . an email to the UCD news groups
>> . an email to the people teaching ECS 30 and ECS 40
>> . Events section of California Aggie and DavisWiki
>> Then you take that message and you put it in easy to read font  
>> with a catchy graphic and you have your flier.  Post it in the  
>> following places:
>>     . Delta of Venus
>>     . Davis Food Co-Op
>>     . Haring
>>     . Young (in the hallways)
>>     . Briggs
>>     . Chemistry
>> I have never had anyone from Wellman or Olson ever.  Whenever they  
>> said they saw a flier, I asked and those were the places I  
>> constantly heard.
>> Anyway, call me for more info
>> 818 429 3772.


I'm this year's president for the local IEEE student branch. I can  
send out an announcement to our member's list when you guys have one  
ready. I also can reserve 1127 Kemper from the ECE office if need be.  
Let me or the officers (ieeeofficers at ucdavis.edu) know if you guys  
would like any help in that regard.


Laine Walker-Avina
President 2006-2007
IEEE at UC Davis

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