[vox-if] Re: [vox-officers] October 21st Installfest

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Tue Oct 10 14:50:55 PDT 2006

Oh and hey hey, some of this is done.. I noted it below.

Christopher James McKenzie wrote:
> Hopefully, I'm subscribed now...
> Christopher James McKenzie wrote:
>> Alright, I have a better grasp on things.
>> I'll be there.  Sure.  I'll reserve the room. No problem...About room 
done done done done done done done done done done done

>> reservations - I have an emeritus professor, previous dean of the 
>> college, a vice provost, and two tenured professors say they'd 
>> volunteer to sponsor it in the odd case of the melinda in the office 
>> denying me the key --- which hasn't happened.
>> About fliers ... we have an old one which I think is ineffective. 
>> Mostly we get employees of the University.  You may think that I am 
>> wrong, but I have been to at least 60 installfests to back up this 
>> claim... anyway my point is the most effective advertising isssss....
>> The first four can be the same message:
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	Moreover, post it to this newsgroup and we can review it ... I think 
that Bills' description is pretty solid, but post before you send...

>> . an ad on craigslist
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	I don't know where to post.

>> . an email to the UCD news groups
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	This is a pain, I hate doing it.

>> . an email to the people teaching ECS 30 and ECS 40
^^done done done done done done done done done done done^^
	They already know me and the installfests, so it was just a "hey whats 
up - installfest, 21st and they knew what to do."

>> . Events section of California Aggie and DavisWiki
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	You need to go to the basement of Freeborn for the Aggie
	Put something on the events page of the Davis Wiki
>> Then you take that message and you put it in easy to read font with a 
>> catchy graphic and you have your flier.  Post it in the following places:
>>     . Delta of Venus
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	Just post near the publications above the steps, before entering the cafe

>>     . Davis Food Co-Op
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	Post on the left out near the payphones near the credit union

>>     . Haring
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	In their long hallways

>>     . Young (in the hallways)
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	In the hallways of the part of young closer to downtown.  For some 
completely odd reason, we get lots of people from the Psychology and 
Anthropology department.

>>     . Briggs
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	This is the main Biology building.  Anything near the entrance would be 

>>     . Chemistry
^^^^^^^ SOMEONE DO THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^
	There are a few places in the lower hallways near the entrances to a 
lecture hall you can post.

You can try Roessler, Olson, Soc Sci 1100, Phys/Geo, Kemper (EUII), and 
all that, but I think it's a waste of time/paper.
>> I have never had anyone from Wellman or Olson ever.  Whenever they 
>> said they saw a flier, I asked and those were the places I constantly 
>> heard.
>> Anyway, call me for more info
>> 818 429 3772.
>> Alex Mandel wrote:
>>> Bill Kendrick wrote:
>>>> On Thu, Oct 05, 2006 at 10:08:51PM -0700, Nick Schmalenberger wrote:
>>>>>> If not, get on it ASAP! :^)  Thanks!
>>>>> I volunteer.
>>>> Thanks.  Did you happen to look into it on Friday?  If not, I suggest
>>>> doing so Monday.  If you need help, track down Seth Nagao and/or
>>>> Chris McKenzie, who I imagine have done the room-booking in the past.
>>>> -bill!
>>> Let me know if you need me to get the room since I'm campus 
>>> affiliated, and I'm on campus 3 days a week.
>>> Also do we have flyers that I can start putting up?
>>> See you there,
>>> Alex
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