[vox-if] Next LUGOD Installfest???

Christopher James McKenzie mckenzie at cs.ucdavis.edu
Sun Dec 3 01:51:03 PST 2006

nighthawk999 at bigvalley.net wrote:
> OK, so Dec. Installfest got cancelled at the
> last minute. One reason given: People hate
> Windows less (!?) As the editor of TUX
> Magazine pointed out recently Microsoft
> pulled support for Win 98, etc etc which
> should (?) encourage a flood of new
> Linux installs on machines that lack
> the [technical term]horsepower[/technical term]
> to run ... gasp... XP.
The real reason was that there was 1 RSVP since October.  There *was* an 
"installfest", I was at the office of that one person helping him for a 
few hours today.  The installfest was canceled because of 1 RSVP, the 
reasons there was 1 RSVP was numerous.  I understand your reasoning, and 
I wish it was true.

I will have installfests if people RSVP.  If nobody RSVPs, then Seth and 
I have spent Saturday in the engineering building waiting for walk-ins. 
    Unfortunately, neither Seth nor I are willing to wait around as in 
the past, nobody has walked in. If you would like to wait for the 
walk-ins at the next installfest and if there is 0 or 1 RSVP, I'd be 
more than happy to set up at 10 am, and take down at 6 pm - but I will 
not be there the 8 hours in between.

I ask people to help post and print fliers as advertising has proven to 
be most successful in the past, and for most, I find that I need to do 
so multiple times to get any results and some of the time, still have to 
do it myself.  All of this is fine but I have as of late, been unable to 
set aside the time to do the ~8 hours of preparation a few weeks before 
the event in order to guarantee its success.

If you would like, you and I can set up a date for a January installfest 
and then I can put in about four hours Sunday and four hours next 
weekend to get the word out.  You can call me at 818 429 3772 or at 530 
297 5078 or send me AIM on screen name Kristopolous, or a personal 
email, to set up this time.

I'm sorry having to write such words explaining such dire straits but 
these are the state of affairs.


> Assuming an Installfest in January what would
> I need to do to help out? Particular interests
> are Vector Linux and Slackware, older hardware,
> any ThinkPads.
> Thanks,
> Shorter
> PS: Sorry for ugly tag, can't help it...  
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