[vox-if] Installfest

dokuja at dokuja.net dokuja at dokuja.net
Fri Aug 26 12:54:26 PDT 2005

Hello again,

This Saturday we've got another installfest, since I was out of town last
weekend.  So far we have 8 people with RSVPs, so any and all help will be
appreciated.  Just show up if you wish to help out.

Also, I'll be bringing some older equipment I need to get rid of; if
you're interested, please email me and I'll you a list.  Off the top of my
head, I have a few older x86 boxen (200MHz Pentium MMX) and probably a few
older Sparcstations (sparc 2).  I also have a K62-300 CPU and mobo, and a
Athlon T-bird 800MHz CPU as well.  I'm sure there's more, but that's all I
can think of right now.

Thanks again,


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