[vox-if] Tomorrow's Details

Seth Nagao dokuja at dokuja.net
Sat Apr 16 18:27:53 PDT 2005

Sorry for the delay, but here's the challenges for tomorrow (7 RSVPs):

* 2.6 Kernel compile for a Sony Vaio on Debian.  Model specifics unknown.

* X-Windows finaglery. (Debian)

* Wireless fun for a Dell Truemobile 1350 in an Inspiron 1150.  (Fedora)

* USB NTFS-formatted drive mounting, etc.  Solutions welcome (perhaps FAT).
  Also, iPod interfacing specialists needed.

* Apple iBook SE installation.  It already has FC3 on it but needs a java
install (like me).
If you are interested in helping out (especially with the Mac), please
feel free to drop by.  Thanks,

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