[vox-if] IF on Apr 17?

Ken Bloom kabloom at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 11 09:10:30 PDT 2005

Jonathan Stickel wrote:
> Thanks, Ken
> To reserve the room, email Melinda Day (maday at ucdavis.edu).  I've been
> picking up the key from her around 4pm on the Friday before the IF.
> Typically, they ask that the key be shoved under the door right after
> the event.
> To register mac addresses, email support2 at cs.ucdavis.edu.  I think
> Seth's is
> 00:04:76:4a:36:2d
> If you plan to be there with a computer, go ahead and register your MAC
> also.

1131 Kemper Hall is now reserved for the Installfest. Go ahead and
announce it.

I have asked them to register Seth's MAC address (which you gave here),
and also the MAC address of my ATEN UC-110T USB Ethernet dongle. This
device is supported by the pegasus driver in kernel in kernel 2.6.10 or
later, not sure about the 2.4 series.

I'll also have my D-Link DWL-122 USB Wireless card at the Installfest.
It requires the linux-wlan-ng drivers to work.

My laptop will probably also be there, but it only has USB port (and I
don't have a hub) so it can't route between these two devices.

--Ken Bloom
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