[vox-if] Sunday IF coordinator

Ken Bloom kabloom at ucdavis.edu
Sun Oct 10 21:37:39 PDT 2004

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 20:50:13 -0700
Jonathan Stickel <jjstickel at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> Ken
> Sorry, I should have mentioned my change of plans for forwarding RSVPs
> to the list.  I'm not sure there is a need to forward all the RSVPs to
> all of you; only the difficult/strange requests that require special 
> technical knowledge.  This way there will be less traffic on the list,
> and more specific so that you can pay attention.  Let me know if you 
> think different.

I don't necessarily know that we need to *see* them all, but do keep us
updated about how many there are. If it turns out to be easiest to do
that by just forwarding them on to the list, then by all means do that.

> Seth was at the IF on Saturday and seemed fairly confident that he
> will be able to coordinate for Oct 17.  I think we had 8 yesterday,
> and already 3 RSVPs for next Sunday.  It went fairly well, but I could
> have had more help, especially in the morning.
> Jonathan
> Ken Bloom wrote:
> > Am I on the hook as the Sunday IF coordinator, or is Seth doing it?
> > How many RSVPs are there? I haven't seen any on vox-if for this
> > round of installfests.

I'll be there in the morning to help out then.

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