[vox-if] IF Saturday; installers needed

Jonathan Stickel jjstickel at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 7 08:58:27 PDT 2004

OK, I now have 4 RSVPs for Saturday.  I expect more to trickle in today 
and tomorrow, and I bet we'll have a number of walkins due to the new 
school year.  Based on previous numbers, I'm expecting 8-10.  No unusual 
requests yet:  SUSE, Fedora, Xandros, Debian, hardware configuration, 
and one winmodem (supported, fortunately).

I'd love to hear from you if you plan to help out (email off list is 
best).  If you're bringing your laptop and send me its MAC address in 
the next 2 hours, I can request it be registered with the CS department 
for Saturday.


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