[vox-if] [fwd] [vox] installfest July 17?

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jul 5 15:51:08 PDT 2004

Saw this on vox.  Last I heard, I hadn't heard whether July 17th is set in
stone or not. ;)

Can someone who knows reply to Ashleigh's post on vox?  Thx!


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Date: 05 Jul 2004 14:17:19 -0700
From: ashleigh smythe
Subject: [vox] installfest July 17?

I noticed the installfest listed for July 17 is listed as "tentative." 
Is that tentative because you don't know if any installees are
interested yet?  I've been using/learning Linux at work for a few years
now and am finally ready to migrate my home Windows machine too so I am
very interested!  

If anybody can let me know if this installfest is likely to happen I'd
appreciate it.



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