[vox-if] IF donations

Ken Bloom vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Sun, 25 Jan 2004 15:57:13 -0800

On 2004.01.25 15:40, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> > If they wanted
> > lunch too, I asked for a separate donation for that, and again that
> > seemed to work fine.  Any thoughts?
> That sounds reasonable.  Hehe, gives me a thought tho... I wonder if
> any
> pizza places would be willing to donate pizza to our events.  I see
> places
> like Jamba Juice and others have "Mr./Ms./Mrs. XYZ's 2nd Grade Class
> Thanks
> FOOD_STORE_ABC!"  Probably for donating food to some event.  HHhhmmm
> :)
> I wonder if Lamppost remembers us? ;)

Usually "Mr./Ms./Mrs. XYZ's 2nd Grade Class thanks FOOD_STORE_ABC!" for  
giving them a tour or something like that.

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