[vox-if] saturday installfest babbling

Jonathan Stickel vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 18:52:27 -0800

Seth Nagao wrote:
> Richard Burkhart said:
>>- Is broadband access confirmed for Saturday?
> Jonathan sounded like he has access to some network connection (wireless)
> for Saturday.

I tested my laptop with UC wireless this week, which is restricted to UC 
affiliated people who register the MAC address of their card.  It 
_seems_ like I got a standard internet IP without restriction.  I could 
browse the web and use ssh.  My plan is to then run a local network 
through my wired ethernet card to give others internet access.  I don't 
know if this will all work, though!  Plus, we will be limited to my 
wireless bandwidth (11Mbs), and the wireless connection is unencrypted.

>>wireless -- will someone be there who can help me puzzle through
>>configuring wireless cards?
> I have configured (and re-configured, and... ) my wireless card (Prism2
> chipset), and will be attending.  What wireless card do you have?  Any
> known issues w/linux?

I'm using an Atmel chipset card, which works great.  I haven't yet been 
able to get my wife's Realtek chipset card to work, though.