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Ken Bloom vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:46:20 -0800

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On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 12:11:26PM -0800, Seth Nagao wrote:
> I was going through the list of RSVP's and currently we have 8,
> including a PowerPC installee.  Does anyone know how this goes, are
> there any particular pitfalls, and would anyone like to volunteer for
> this install?
> --Seth (who doesn't want to bungle a PPC Linux install)
> On Tue, 2004-02-10 at 15:10, Seth Nagao wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >=20
> > The Installfest is this Sunday (2/15/04), and I'm polling to see who's
> > coming.  Volunteers?
> >=20
> > --Seth

Last time we tried one of these, it was a year or two ago - back in
the days of Mandrake 8.0(?). Mandrake's installer didn't want to
work in graphical mode, so we did it in text mode. The other pitfall
we ran into is that we worked for hours thinking we had unpartitioned
space to put our linux install into, only to find out that what we
thought was unpartitioned space was really an A/UX partition (he had
done that thinking it set aside space that we could use for UNIX). We
cleared that out with Apple's drive setup.

After the install, the install (or a web page, I don't recall) told us
to enter a couple of cryptic commands in OpenFirmware to make the
bootloader work.

This install was done with a MacOS X installation already existant on
the computer. If anybody can fill in more details, it would be nice,
because somehow I recall that in the end he was going to try using
Debian/PPC, but I don't know why or what the snag was, or what I'm
recalling wrong, or whether Debian/PPC was an intermediate idea before
I figured out what was wrong with the partitions or ...

I expect Mandrake (which is what he said he wants) to be easier this
time around. We will also have the option of using a Gentoo LiveCD or
a Knoppix PPC to use our normal Linux diagonstic tools on the computer
(I plan to start downloading this as soon as I get to my apartment),
or possibly even for the install if all else fails.

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