[vox-if] [rsvp-12/21] configuration needs (Debian already installed)

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Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:26:05 -0800

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Dell D600

links: =20

[1]: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/~occ/laptop/
[2]: http://bluetree.jp/roller/page/aoki/weblog?catname=3Dd600

    from [1]:

     Sound (intel8x0) works much better with alsa the headpone out isn't
     reconised by oss-emulation so you have to explicitly unmute it.
     Also the AC97 mixer is wierd, there are actually two primary output
     channels (headphone and speakers) which both have to be controlled
     independently, so things like the gnome volume applet don't really
     work with headphones because they only control the speaker volume.


    It seems like that brand of radeon card is only supported by XFree86
    4.3.0. Anyone has experience running that on debian stable (I
    assume)? Anyone has experience running proprietary ati drivers on
    debian/laptops?  Kernel patches might be nescessary to get kernel's
    DRI [3] to support Xfree 4.3.

    [3]: http://dri.sf.net/


    from [1]:
     (partial) ACPI support: I applied the DSDT patch for the inspiron
     8200 DSDT with some extra hacking, to the decompiled bios A03 DSDT,
     this fixes some silly bugs in the DSDT which linux doesn't like
     (like methods actually returning values), and basically a lot of
     stuff starts working: notably battery and thermal zone support is
     now correct, I have a  modified DSDT[4] which is availible for
     download, information on how to make it work (i am using the initrd
     patch, but you can also patch osl.c to explicitly load it as a
     string) is available on the  ACPI4LInux pages..[5]

     [4]: http://acpi.sourceforge.net/dsdt/view.php?id=3D42
     [5]: http://acpi.sourceforge.net/

     I did not play with acpi. It seems like kernel needs to be patched
     with APCI patch. Not sure how up to date debian stable acpi package
     is and if it matters. It seems DSDT patch mentioned above is only=20
     required with acpi patch releases prior to 20030619. =20

    should be starightofroward ide-cd emulation.
    (probably just hdc=3Dide-scsi ignore=3Dhdc in lilo)

    didnt find anyting about this laptop's hotkeys.
    maybe 'hotkeys' prgram will work, but I never dealt with it (i dont
    have any hotkeys ;)

On Sun, Nov 23, 2003 at 04:52:42PM -0800, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> ----- Forwarded message from WWW User <www@thunder.sonic.net> -----
> 01.Name: Mark Breitung
> 03.CPU: Pentium=9A4 / Compat.
> 04.Speed: 1.4
> 05.RAM: 256
> 06.HD_Sizes: 30GB
> 07.Video: Rage Mobility 9000
> 08.Monitor: laptop
> 09.Laptop-Brand: dell
> 10.Laptop-Model: d600
> 11a.HW-Printer-Desc:=20
> 11b.HW-Sound: on
> 11b.HW-Sound-Desc:=20
> 11c.HW-Modem-Desc:=20
> 11d.HW-Network-Desc:=20
> 11e.HW-Scanner-Desc:=20
> 11f.HW-Camera-Desc:=20
> 11g.HW-MP3-Desc:=20
> 11h.HW-Game-Ctrl-Desc:=20
> 11i.HW-DVD: on
> 11i.HW-DVD-Desc:=20
> 11j.HW-Other:=20
> 11j.HW-Other-Desc:=20
> 12.OS-WinXP: on
> 13.Partition: a drive with another OS
> 14.Distro: debian
> 15.Bringing_Own: on
> 16.Problems: I only need help in configuring sound, display @1400x1050, a=
> dvd, cdrw, and keyboard hotkeys for my dell laptop.  I have already insta=
> winXP and debian.
> 17.Arrive-Time: 1pm
> 18.Learned-How:=20
> 19.Read_Release: yes
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