[vox-if] Re: [vox] Installfest to-day!

Bill Kendrick vox-if@lists.lugod.org
Sun, 21 Dec 2003 22:07:27 -0800

On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 01:34:17PM -0800, Jonathan Stickel wrote:
> Sorry, flying to New York tonight, so I am too busy to be there today. 
> I'll work to be ready for the SAT installfest in January!

Okay.  Kevin, are you out there?  Can we schedule the January Installfest
for the 17th?

(NOTE: This does conflict with the demo we were hoping to hold at the
Davis Food Co-op, but usually we get different core volunteers at these
two events.)

Seth - can you make an Installfest on Sat., Jan. 17th?

If everyone says it's okay, I'm gonna update the website! :^)  Thx!