[vox-announce] Officer elections; the story so far

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Nov 21 21:15:59 PST 2016

Here are the current results of LUGOD"s annual
officer election.

No one was nominated for President (root).
I, Bill Kendrick, currently hold this position,
but recently noted that I will be moving soon, and was
hoping someone else would step up for this position).

Brian Lavender was nominated for Vice President (sys)
(he currently holds this position), but declined the

Kenneth Lyons was nominated for Secretary (typescript)
(he currently holds this position), and ran unopposed.
With no objections at tonight's meeting (2016-11-21),
he has been elected to the position without the need for
a vote to be held.
(See Section 4 of our Bylaws:

Timothy Thatcher was nominated for Treasurer (/dev/null)
(he currently holds this position), and ran unopposed,
and was also elected with no objection to consent.

Thanks and congratulations to Tim & Kenny!

This does leave us in the strange position of having
_only_ a secretary and treasurer, and no president or
vice president.

So we _continue_ to accept nominations for these two
positions.  You can post on the vox@ mailing list, or
send a private email to Kenny, our secretary, at
typescript at lugod.org

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