[vox-announce] Important reminder about meeting etiquette

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Sat Nov 30 00:32:16 PST 2013

I wanted to send a friendly reminder to LUGOD members about etiquette
during our general meetings (the ones with guest speakers, that we
hold at the Public Library, Explorit, etc.)

The following is for the benefit of both our guest speakers,
and our other audience members.

 * turn off or silence your devices (cell phones, laptop, etc.)

 * do not carry side conversations during meetings
   (remember that we try to begin meetings promptly at 7pm)

 * when asking questions or commenting during a presentation,
   keep things short and to the point, and on-topic
   (if you have more to ask or say, please do so after the presentation
   has ended, or move your conversation to another medium; e.g., email)

 * keep in mind that meetings end by 9pm -- and at the library
   (our typical venue), we need to be completely cleaned up
   and out of the library by 9pm, when they close and lock the building

 * always show courtesy and respect to the guest speaker and others
   in attendance

 * treat the meeting room and furniture therein carefully and with respect

Thank you all for your continued help in making LUGOD a successful and
welcoming club for all!

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